Aluminium City

Aluminium City

First Aluminium (FAN) has introduced aluminium roofing in Nigeria and has set the standards for it.

Being one of the very few vertically integrated aluminium companies in Nigeria, First Aluminium can guarantee the quality of the product, from alloy composition to the installation of the roof.
Our customers do not have to worry about distortion, leakages or fading of colours.

As fraudulent competitors have tried to imitate the FAN logo that is printed on the backside of the sheet, always check that the FAN name also has a production date and is applied by a machine (the letters are made of small dots).

First Aluminium does not compromise on quality, because of this, we use the superior ‘Stucco’ embossing method for our sheets. Embossing is the mechanical deformation of the surface of the sheet to give it the needed mechanical properties, such as strength. Where other suppliers use a less effective ‘Diamond’ pattern, First Aluminium will only supply the Stucco pattern.

The same goes for the thickness (‘gauge’) of the sheets. The minimum norm in Nigeria, set by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), for roofing sheets is 0.40mm. First Aluminium will not supply roofing sheets below this norm.

First Aluminium is one of the very few companies in Nigeria that produces their own aluminium sheets. Therefore we control the whole process, from alloy to painted surface. First Aluminium has the best alloy available in the market.

Another quality differentiation is the First Aluminium coating. In coating the length of the installation determines to a high extend the quality of the paint. First Aluminium has the longest lines in the market. Also process technology and used chemicals are of major importance in obtaining optimum quality.

And last but not least, First Aluminium is the ONLY supplier of aluminium sheets that applies a clear lacquer layer on the BACKSIDE of the sheet. This in order to prevent corrosion.

Our customers do not have to worry about distortion, leakages or fading of colours.


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